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It’s enough to drive a man to drink (or a skeleton for that matter). Everyday, day in and day out, the same thing.

Zombies fighting ninjas, ninjas fighting pirates, pirates fighting vikings. Vikings fighting Demon-Possessed Fruit Salads.

It’s death, destruction, disembowelment, pestilence and plague 24/7. But Hey, it’s a living! And when the 9-5 is done we try to forget our troubles at a little place called Braff’s.

It may not be the prettiest place around, nor the cleanest, but Braff’s Tavern is the only joint that will house the likes of us. And we’re perfectly OK with that.

We’ve also managed to demolish every single commercial property for miles around to nothing but piles of smoldering rubble. So it’s pretty much Braff’s or bust.


Welcome to BattleWorld, Welcome and Good Luck.